Mike Sheppard

Mike is from Belleville, West Virginia and sings lead vocal on the majority of the songs and also some background vocals.  He also plays lead guitar and brings a wealth of knowledge to the band stemming from many years of exposure to the music.  Mike first began his interest in bluegrass music at the age of eleven, when he and long time friend Danny Mullen entered a talent contest at church camp.  Soon after, he began listening to many different bluegrass groups such as Al Wood and the Smokey Mountain Boys, Larry Sparks, Ralph Stanley, and Jimmy Martin, which is evident in his musical style and material.  While in junior high school, he began playing mandolin and soon after, joined a gospel group called The Brady Family, where Randy Brady taught him the basics of timing and playing lead.  Although he has been with The Sheppard Brothers for forty years, he did play guitar for The Hart Brothers for three years.  Besides music, Mike has many different hobbies such as hunting, fishing, basketball and golf.   He and his wife Barb have two daughters and six grandchildren.
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Larry Sparks favorite.